Thursday, November 24, 2011

0 Online tools *** Week 8

The course I am taking with the University of Oregon is coming to an end.
What a great experience it has been!

I really love what our guest moderator, Jeff Magoto, an e-partner in the course does shared discussion with us. It has a very essential role and makes our students love the course and therefore be more active and productive.Also,I talked about "Teaching with Online Tools". Teachers create online tools for students to engage in robust discussions, analyze complex information, pursue investigations, and solve problems. Online tools help students represent their thinking visually, collaborate with peers, and support conclusions.
For me, you can use the blog tool to support teaching activities through providing students with online versions of classroom materials and links to online learning resources. Blogging is helping students to think and write more critically.

Learners autonomy is well encouraged because to do the tasks, they have either to make searches, read, classify, observe, compare... by their own. These are a kind of training to their brains, critical thinking. Instead of leading them step by step to perform the tasks, they are to use technology and resources to perform the tasks.

Again, I create a class website of which I have tried some features. Here is the link: . I used Tools for Educators website to create them to add different activities for students.


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