Friday, November 25, 2011

Here we are, almost finished with our wonderful course… I guess no good-byes should be expected since this is not the end but the beginning of our journey as better teachers!
I have read tons of articles, comments, posts, etc in order to build my teaching skills taking into account technology. It sound easy but it could not be further from the reality!
Nowadays students are more online than before and taking advantage of the time they spend on the internet to help them enhance their language skills is something we need to consider when planning our lessons.
But, to do so the teacher needs to have certain ICT skills (word processing, searching, online tutoring, etc.) so as to update his or her teaching practice and commit their students into their own learning.

During this week I had the chance to finish a project dealing with" Use technology in learning English language"
I`ve really learned a lot with this course, what have I learned? All my participations on Nicenet show that a little, and all the time I spent reading the materials and everybody`s opinions show that as well, my project and everybody`s wonderful projects are the living proof of it!
Well, many thanks to Robert to provide this wonderful course, for your engagement in your role as an instructor, for your reliable presence all the time, for your helpful guidance. And thanks to my brother Nur, a teacher  trainer from Indonesia, who kindly offered his help!,also,my classmates to share those excellent ideas on Nicenet.
I would like to thank you all for reading me and sharing your expertise with this cute teacher from Oman!
I will keep this blog for sharing my teaching experiences weekly! There is nothing like networking!


Elmira said...

Hi Maryam,

I read your post and it made me a bit sad as we are approaching the finishing line. It doesn't mean that we are going to part forever.
I am sure that our blogs will help us to keep in touch and share all our achievements.

It's nice that we have been together for such a long time and could become very close. Though we all live in different parts of the world the course brought us together. We must confess that without technology it wouldn't be possible.

We all have learned much and I think there is still a lot we need to learn if we want to become better teachers for the 21st century.

Good luck to all of us!


Myriam Arrabal said...

Hi Maryam

You’re right when you say this is not the end but the beginning of our journey as better-trained teachers to take advantage of our “digital native” students when we plan our lessons to help them enhance their language skills with the help of technology.

We ourselves have been helped to update our teaching practice by building skills through the web and now we are in a much better position to commit our students into their own learning.

It was nice to share this class with you.


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