Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1 Interactive teaching***Week 6

 I'm struggling to get as much time to follow the tasks for week 6. I was having great difficulties of getting connected to the internet because we are facing some weather problem in my country Oman^^
During this week, I learned many new things about powerpoint.
There are steps to follow and tips to take in consideration. It was very useful.
After reading it, I made 2 powerpoints shows for animals and I tried to make it interactive one, so it can be more useful.

Also, I read articles about how to handle the large classes in any institution of any level is a big challenge for many teachers. I think teaching large number classes is never easy. I agree that large classes are challenging. It needs a powerful strategy to overcome the obstacles but I think I have more than one powerful strategy which I can use based on the course. Small group, think-Pair-Share, etc... are several techniques which are available to be used. Teachers will find that there will be a number of students that will feel ignored due to the teacher unable to engage them all. Teacher at this point should be able to grab their interest of learning while in the classroom and should be able to open the opportunity for the students to have additional discussion outside of the class...Also, materials presented by the teacher should also design carefully and should have the 'hook' to make all students interested to find out more. That is why creating and presenting really engaging materials will boost the students' motivation to find out more about the lesson.

I`m having InDesign course for 3 weeks. It's still a busy week.


Robert Elliott said...

Hi Maryam
You are definitely busy, with an InDesign course on top of this course and on top of your regular duties. I like this embedded graphic you have here in this post. Maybe this is an InDesign idea.

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