Saturday, June 11, 2011

8 Reflective Blog *** Week 1

Blogs are powerful teaching resources that we EFL teachers should use more often to promote collaborative online learning. For more ideas, please read this article

Blogging is not a new thing for me. I have a previous experience in blogging. I established many personal blogs for some people. I helped to add some information in my school`s blog. I invite you to visit this links

Now, with a bit more experience on technology-enhanced language learning, I am starting this new space of reflective blog which I hope will be enriched by my new classmates' comments.

My own personal challenge for the future is to encourage my student to use our blog and language. My students are kids with ages from 6 to 8.I will start with
, because my student not familiar with using the internet in this age. This computer and video games engage, motivate, and inspire students in the classroom. After that, I choose this link
for individual phonics instruction, learning center activities, homework and special needs education. I think is useful.
I hope to benefit from it. In the coming days, I will put here all my students` works.