Tuesday, November 29, 2011

3 My Last Week at webskills

I cannot believe it. I am really thankful to my classmates with whose experience and knowledge I learnt a lot. I will miss checking the Nicenet:(
In this week,I grade myself about what I am really doing in the course using LoTi Framework.I wish I were in Level 4a - Integration: Mechanical. Students are engaged in exploring real-world issues and solving authentic problems using digital tools and resources. I feel I have become more skilled and can integrate high tech more effectively. I wanted to make this school year exceptional for me; I started using a PowerPoint tool for displaying notes with some catchy images and videos. My goal for the next year is to reach the level 4b – Integration: Routine and making a step to Level 5 – Expansion. I should make technology an integral part of my classes. I will learn my students how to post comments in the blog. Also I integrate WebQuest in assessment. I think they will learn while doing their tasks.
I have started to implement technology in my teaching and at the same time take a course from Oregon. I've learned many new things in this course, e.g. ABCD learning objectives, web quests, virtual classes, interactive power point, online assessment and interesting websites for different learning skills, and so many more. My advices to participants to put down all the URLs in Word files or in diary in order not to forget them, refresh your mind when you read about teaching and technology issues and use all tools to achieve your goals. All in all we have had a very good online course; I hope the best for the new participants.

Robert>> Thank you for the wonderful learning experience! And of course, your guidance was all the time highly exceptional.
Wish you all the best.


Elmira said...

Hi Maryam,

We all feel the same today. We are happy that we are at the finishing line and at the same time very sad as in 2 days the course will say "Good Bye" to us.
The knowledge and the support that we got is invaluable. When we had to reflect on where we were and where we are now, I 'saw' a very big gap between the two points. The course gave us confidence and desire for future learning.

It was a real pleasure to work with you.
Hope we'll keep in touch.


Roza said...

Hi Maryam,

Yes, this is the time we all fell sad as well as happy. sad because we know that we will not meet everyday online and discuss things and happy as we have completed this wonderful course and we have learned a lot on how to use technology in our class rooms.

Thank you and good luck.
I hope we will keep in touch.
Roza, Ibrahim from Maldives.

ziaulkarim said...

Hello Maryam:
The blog shows how tech expert you are. You have created a very attractive blog. It is not only the teachers, but also the students will get motivated to read your blog. You've very logically mentioned how we all feel at the fag end of our course, but the lessons we learnt from here are going to be ever fresh in our day to day life. However, we can still keep on sharing our views through the blog. So the time has not yet come to say goodbye yet.

Pls stay connected. Thank you for all your nice ideas.

Take care,


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