Monday, November 7, 2011

0 Hi again***Week 5

Since 31 oct. 2011, we are facing weather problems in the south-east of Oman. In these circumstances, floods begin to assemble in front of houses, which hinder our movement to work and other places. The electricity is interrupted and the internet service is very bad. In the previous days, there are 4 children and 1 man died affected by what happened from the changes in the weather. Also, today we have heavy rains with winds! And I think will continue through to the end of the week or may be next week. I am afraid, confused, stressed, not confident, and uncomfortable. I started late in doing my tasks. I need more time in completing all the tasks...

In week 5, we have web quest and rubrics this week. These two assignments made me think of how many our students can benefit from technology-enhanced projects in language learning and in particular, web quests Likewise, how powerful this can be to promote learner autonomy. One major thing this week is PBL and research showing the results in students' engagement and motivation, and the development of building skills, communication, critical thinking and collaborative skills.  In my opinion, PBL surely can change the way of teaching with more attractive ways. I think this week we are on the verge of getting perfect ideas on PBL and Web Quest.

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Thanks for the course we are learning a lot of new information which are useful and we are gaining experience.



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